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DateLocationChefRestaurantBio and Recipes
January 15, 2024Niagara CollegeChef Iovel Lopez and Andrea DarvichFusion LatinaBio and Recipes
February 12, 2024Niagara CollegeChef Alan KerrNiagara CollegeRecipes and Bio Chef Alan Kerr
March 25, 2024Niagara CollegeChef Anthony PingueNapoliRecipes and Menu
April 15, 2024Niagara CollegeChef Andrew ThorneGood EarthRecipes
May 13, 2024Niagara CollegeChefs David Watt, Patrick Engel, Dre Griese, Braedan Mann and Mike McCollCelebrating the book "Feast with Friends"Recipes and Bios


January 16, 2023Niagara CollegeChef John VetereTour of Rome Recipes
February 13, 2023Niagara CollegeChef Jason WilliamsChef Jason Williams
March 13, 2023Niagara CollegeChef Justin DownesChef Justin Downes
April 24, 2023NIagara CollegeChefs Chefs Scott White and Justin Duc
from Oddbird.
Recipes and Bios
May 15, 2023Niagara CollegeChef Thierry Clement - Paris Crepes CafeMenu
September 8, 2023Niagara CollegeChefs Gizem Afsar & Emre AfsarBios and Menu
October 16,2023Niagara CollegeChef Sean Wallis, Nighs of Jarvis Bios Recipes
November 20,2023Niagara CollegeChefs Chinmay Mulav, Yash Mhadeut and Kalpesh DandekarRecipes and Bios


March 21, 2022Croatian Hall, WellandChef Sheila Pollingga
On the Twenty
April 25, 2022Croatian Hall, WellandChef Ross MidgleyRecipes
May 16, 2022Croatian Hall, WellamndChef Andrew McLeodRecipes
September 19, 2022Niagara CollegeChef Alan Kerr and Jessica PearcyRecipes
October 17, 2022Niagara CollegeChef Mehmet Ka─čan Erbay KaiserHausRecipes
November 21, 2022Niagara CollegeChef Nathan YoungRecipes and Bio


DateEventOur ChefsChef BioRecipes and Information
February 21, 2021Virtual ZOOM eventChefs Jessica Martin and Kayla MudfordBioRecipes and Shopping List
January 23, 2021Virtual ZOOM eventChef Ross MidgleyBiosSalted Caramel

Roasted Mushroom Bisque

Zoom culinary experience

shopping list


Gingerbread Cake
May 29, 2021Virtual ZOOM eventChef John Vetere (Ravine Estate Winery) and Winemaker Lydia TomekChef John Vetere Bio Brisket EventWine Club - Slow Smoked Texas Brisket
November 22, 2021Croatian Hall, WellandChef de Cuisine Braedan MannBio and RecipesRecipes
December 13, 2021Croatian Hall, WellandChef Justin UpperChef BioRecipes


DateEventOur ChefsChef Bio Recipes
January 13, 2020monthly meetingChef Alan Kerr
Niagara College

February 10, 2020monthly meetingChef Matt Payne
Ravine Winery
March 9, 2020monthly meetingChef Thoshan Alweera
HobNob Restaurant


DateEventOur ChefsChef Bio Recipes
January 14,2019monthly meetingChef David Sider
Chef David Sider BioRecipes
February 4, 2019monthly meetingChef Marc Lyons
Queens Landing
Chef Marc Lyons BioRecipes
March 4, 2019monthly meetingChef Nathan Libertini
Napoli Ristorante
Chef Nathan Libertini BioRecipes
April 8, 2019monthly meetingChef Jan-Willem Stulp
Grand Oak Culinary Institute
September 18, 2019monthly meetingChef Taylor Dow
Peninsula Ridge
Chef Taylor Dow BioRecipes
October 7, 2019monthly meetingChef Tim Mackiddie
Smoke and Barrel
Chef Tim Mackiddie BioRecipes
November 4. 2019monthly meetingChef Andrew Thorne
TGE Bistro
Chef Andrew Thorne BioRecipes
December 2, 2019monthly meetingChef Jeremy Clark Gilligan
The Urban Steakhouse, Fonthill
Chef Jeremy 'Clark' Gilligan Recipes


DateEventOur ChefsChef Bio Recipes
September 10, 2018monthly meetingChef Alan Kerr
Niagara College
Chef Alan Kerr, NC View Recipes
October 15, 2018monthly meetingChefs Katherine (Kat) Barnett and Britney Condotta
Honsberger Estate
Chef Katherine Barnett and Britney CondottaView Recipes
November 5, 2018monthly meetingChef Patrick Engel
Hospice Niagara, St. Catharines
Chef Patrick Engel View Recipes
December 3, 2018monthly meetingChef Carmen Hyeri Kim
Root and Bone
Chef Carmen Hyeri Kim View Recipes

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